The Best Superpower to Have in Your Online Business…

If you could choose to have any Superpower… 

What would that be?

Some people might want superhuman strength like the Hulk…

Some might want incredible agility and the ability to scale walls like Spiderman…

Some might want the ability to bend space and time like Hiro Nakamura from Heroes…

Some people might want the ability to clone themselves, like Multiple Man from X-Men (especially entrepreneurs)…

Yet, some might want to have incredible brain power like Braniac.

(Granted Braniac was a villain, but had a superpower nonetheless.)


I’d like to have the power of Persuasion.

Like Allison Hargreeves from the Umbrella Academy, 

Who gets people to do what she wants by simply starting with the phrase, 

“I heard a rumor…”

I know.

It’s a bit of an odd choice for a superpower

But here’s why:

The power of persuasion from the onset may seem like an insignificant power, at first.

But in time, with the power of the compound effect, it can grow to something much more powerful.

You see, influencing one person doesn’t seem like much initially, but over time that influence can grow to the point where it takes a life of its own.

And before you know it, you have droves of people who follow your influence, your brand, your business,  and have die-hard superfans, that no one can touch you.

And that’s the same effect of what copywriting can do for your business.

Copywriting is nothing more than influencing people to take a specific action.

i.e. direct response marketing.

Where you can lead a cold audience from your initial ad straight to the cash register, just by using the words that sell on the page of a website, or any other marketing medium you decide to use for your business…

Print, radio ad, direct messages, sales letters, emails, etc.

When you know the ‘words that sell’, it doesn’t matter which platform you use.


All you have to do is learn Copywriting.  

i.e.  the words that sell, for you to have the same influence effect with your on’line business.

And if you’re not sure how to use copywriting for your business to convert into sales…

You might want to check out the free chapter of my Freestyle Copywriting book by joining my email list here.

And you don’t need to be dropped into a vat of ozze or get bitten by a radioactive spider, or be born with the Mutant X gene to have my superpower…

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis