How to increase your sales without spending another dime on advertising…

If you’ve been building up your email list…

Have you tapped into a reservoir you didn’t even know you had?

Here’s what I mean:

Entrepreneurs and marketers spend thousands of dollars each month on facebook ads and youtube ads…

Yet, once they get people onto their list.

They aren’t doing much to convert those new leads into their next offers.

Here are 3 ways you can increase your sales without spending another dime on advertising:

  1. Create a 5-10 email welcome sequence that gives people your lead magnet, gets them to consume it and have results with, then invite them to the next thing you offer.
  2. Create a 3 email abandon cart sequence to remind people to check out if they looked at your product, but didn’t finish the checkout process yet.
  1. Create an 2-3 email sequence upsell offer sequence to get people onto the next part of your offer.

And here’s the best part, you don’t have to spend any more moolah on advertising.

Just write them yourself or have an email copywriter write them for you.

If you want my help with that…

Then book a time on my calendar and we can see which email sequences you need written. 

Here’s my calendar link:

Til next time…

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Destrie Monis


3 Ways to Create Crack-like Addicting Content

Content can be as addictive as a hard substance. 

On the days of the interwebs…

content is how people get their daily dopamine dosage. 

Phones are usually checked first thing in the morning and right before bed. 

Which leads down through a windy road of a non-substance form of addiction in form of social media. 

But addictive, nonetheless.

If you want to harness this social media addiction. 

Here are 3 ways to make your content as addictive as your magical cocktail of choice:

1. Create Curiosity

Another way to put this is to create cliffhangers.  The movie and tv industry do this a lot.  

Remember the show Lost

Every show ended with a scene that made you insanely curious what was going to happen next.  

This was done on purpose so people would tune in for next weeks’ episode. 

And not only that:

Curiosity is one of the most powerful copywriting principles too. 

Think about the Emails that you decide to click on and read…

Most of the time it’s due to an overwhelming curiosity that can only be quenched once by finding out what happens next.

2. Soft Teach

By combining teaching in a way that draws curiosity…

As opposed to hard teaching where it’s all dry and boring content. 

In college, our senior project was to write a technical report about creating a controller for an old school flight simulator.

You wouldn’t be able to pay me enough to read through that dry, boring, content once again.

With soft teaching, you peak people’s curiosity in the content to the point where they would have to buy your product or service to satisfy that need to close the loop. 

3. Info-tain

People aren’t searching or scrolling on their phones for “information” these days.

Everyone on the internet has access to it and it’s very abundant.

So how do we stand out in this treacherous read sea of marketers?

It’s simple. 

People are looking to be Entertained.

So if you can combine curiosity provoking content with the ability to entertain your audience…

You’ve got the formula for “Infotainment”

And it’s an addictive way for people to consume your content.

Which brings me to this:

If you want to learn how to create compelling copy

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Destrie Monis


Fifty Shades of Copywriting

The other day at the gym, I was working on my roll-back into a one handed nike freeze 

(yes, I breakdance)

And I noticed something.

Whenever you want to learn a skill… any skill.

You can break it down (no pun intended) into parts…  

And the magic happens when you put them all together and make the different parts flow seamlessly. 

For example:

In breakdancing, since I was working on a roll back into a one-handed freeze…

The first part that I practiced was the roll back.  

Then I added a layer to it..

Roll back with my hand placement close

Then I added the kick up, to get the full extension of my arm. 

Now, I just need to get to the point where I can hold my body weight with just one hand.

The same goes for music.

When you master scales, it seems like magic when someone is improvising, but that comes after years of learning the basics and mastering them.

Then you can play to whatever scale or mood suits you.

Also like a sales letter.

Where you can break down a sales letter into 5 main parts.

  1. Headline
  2. Opening Paragraph
  3. Story
  4. Bullets 
  5. Close

There’s a hidden structure in each of those skills.

But it’s not magic, just the sum of all the parts. 


If you want to start learning how to write compelling copy…

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Back to my rolling handstand.

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis


The Best Superpower to Have in Your Online Business…

If you could choose to have any Superpower… 

What would that be?

Some people might want superhuman strength like the Hulk…

Some might want incredible agility and the ability to scale walls like Spiderman…

Some might want the ability to bend space and time like Hiro Nakamura from Heroes…

Some people might want the ability to clone themselves, like Multiple Man from X-Men (especially entrepreneurs)…

Yet, some might want to have incredible brain power like Braniac.

(Granted Braniac was a villain, but had a superpower nonetheless.)


I’d like to have the power of Persuasion.

Like Allison Hargreeves from the Umbrella Academy, 

Who gets people to do what she wants by simply starting with the phrase, 

“I heard a rumor…”

I know.

It’s a bit of an odd choice for a superpower

But here’s why:

The power of persuasion from the onset may seem like an insignificant power, at first.

But in time, with the power of the compound effect, it can grow to something much more powerful.

You see, influencing one person doesn’t seem like much initially, but over time that influence can grow to the point where it takes a life of its own.

And before you know it, you have droves of people who follow your influence, your brand, your business,  and have die-hard superfans, that no one can touch you.

And that’s the same effect of what copywriting can do for your business.

Copywriting is nothing more than influencing people to take a specific action.

i.e. direct response marketing.

Where you can lead a cold audience from your initial ad straight to the cash register, just by using the words that sell on the page of a website, or any other marketing medium you decide to use for your business…

Print, radio ad, direct messages, sales letters, emails, etc.

When you know the ‘words that sell’, it doesn’t matter which platform you use.


All you have to do is learn Copywriting.  

i.e.  the words that sell, for you to have the same influence effect with your on’line business.

And if you’re not sure how to use copywriting for your business to convert into sales…

You might want to check out the free chapter of my Freestyle Copywriting book by joining my email list here.

And you don’t need to be dropped into a vat of ozze or get bitten by a radioactive spider, or be born with the Mutant X gene to have my superpower…

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis


The Copywriting Tome Story Never Told…

From the Copywriting Tome:

I’m writing this to you from the dungeons of the copywriting section of my office, called my bookshelf.

And in it are some fantastic masterpieces.

Some of the books included are in my library are: 

*Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz

*The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert

*Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

*How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

*Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdani

*The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy

*The Email Players Skhema Book – Ben Settle

*Copy Slacker – Ben Settle

*Copynomicon – Ben Settle

*Email Players List Swell – Ben Settle

*Email Client Horde – Ben Settle

*Copy Troll – Ben Settle

*Infotainment Jackpot – Ben Settle

And yes, I do admit, I’m a bit jaded because I’ve been learning from Ben Settle lately on how to write compelling email copy that’s designed to make moolah through your email list. 

But masterpieces, nonetheless.

And in this tome of copywriting, influence, and marketing manuscripts

Comes a very powerful lesson…

You see, if I were to boil down copywriting, influence, and marketing into one sentence…

That if you focused on… you’ll never go hungry, you’ll never struggle for moolah, and you’ll never be hurting for clients ever again…

It’s this:

People are searching for a feeling.

And if you provide that to them, they will be forever in your debt, be hooked onto your personal brand, and never want to leave the walled garden you call your business.

Don’t let the simplicity of this lesson fool you.

It’s a lot more powerful than you might think.

People are searching for a feeling of significance, love, companionship, growth, contribution, certainty, variety…

(And yes, this is straight out of Tony Robbins playbook on the 6 human needs.)

With the most important feeling being a sense of Significance.

If you can appeal to a person’s feeling of significance and tie the solution to your product or service.

You can make any amount of moolah you want, you can create any kind of lifestyle you want, you’ll unlock the keys to your Freestyle Lifestyle with ease.

Only if you understand the depth of what I just shared with you.

But if you want someone else to figure that out for you in your business, because you either:

  1. Don’t have the time to learn this or
  2. Don’t have the patience to learn this

Then just hire a copywriter who can implement it into your business, without having to give up your first born child to create a sales letter for you.

Which brings me to this:

If you want to learn how to write copy that sells.

Start with the free chapter of my Freestyle Copywriting book which you can grab for free, just for hopping on my email list here

Platform doesn’t matter. It’s the Copy that does…

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis


Why Newbie Copywriters Should Watch V for Vendetta

There’s a scene in V for Vendetta

That really resonated with me when I rewatched it recently.

If you don’t know the storyline, here’s the gist:

V was a wanted terrorist whose mission was to bring down a corrupt government.

In an epic ending fight scene, he ends up killing the dictator and while simultaneously being betrayed by an ambitious general, who wanted to take over.

The general’s unit, unloads their magazines into V.

He takes it and while they reload, he slaughters the unit with a jacket full of knives.

Leaving the general for last…

As he takes out the general, the general asks V, “Why won’t you die?”

And V responds with,

“Because behind this mask is more than flesh and bone.

Behind this mask is an IDEA.  And ideas are bulletproof.”

What Big Idea are you selling to your audience?

What’s the Vision behind what you do?

Is it purely to make more moolah

or is it to fuel a bigger purpose?

The mission behind my Freestyle Lifestyle brand is to teach creatives

how to take their passions and learn simple online marketing moves, so they can fully express their talents and create a Freestyle Lifestyle.

A Live that they Love.

A Life of Freedom.

A Lifestyle that they can literally Freestyle, like freestyle dancing or rapping.

Taking all of their skills and fashioning something powerful that fully expresses who they are.

Free from the old school idea that you need to go to school, get good grades, and work for a corporation for 40 years of your life to be viewed as successful.

Life is too short to be living someone else’s life.

If you don’t have a clue how you can start creating a Freestyle Lifestyle.

I recommend starting with the high income skill of Copywriting.

You can get a free chapter of my Freestyle Copywriting book by joining my Daily Newsletter HERE.

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis


Why You Aren’t Closing

Ever ask yourself why you aren’t closing?

It comes down to a couple of things:

1. You didn’t clearly define your audience

2. The offer isn’t clear

3. You aren’t leading the sale

Closing is a frame of mind.

But first, you have to make sure you’re actually talking to someone who has shown interest in what you have to offer.

Ever tried selling a Steak to a Vegetarian?

Vegetarians wouldn’t buy a steak, no matter how juicy, plump and cooked to perfection it is.

Yet so many marketers try to do just that.

To close, you simply have to first, be talking to the right audience who is interested in what you have to offer and lead towards the sale. 

Remember you’re the expert here.

People can sense neediness a mile away.

And if you’re trying to convince someone to buy

You’ve already lost.

Because the first rule of selling is

“People love to buy, but hate to be sold.”

So the trick to closing is to compel people to buy,

not force them to buy like a sleazy used car salesman.

There’s an art to closing and all it really is about having the communication chops to actually hear what someone’s objection really is.

Address it.

And offer a solution to their pain by positioning your product or service as the pain reliever. 

Which makes them WANT to buy. 

When you’ve clearly identified your audience and learned how to lead the conversation.

Sales come easy.

If you’re finally ready to start closing more for your business

Join my Freestyle Closing Students here:

I dive deeper into this.

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

-Destrie Monis