Hey. I’m Destrie.

I’m a copywriter, online marketer, and author.

I like to write, dance, create digital products, and make YouTube videos.

All around helping creative entrepreneurs create an online income through simple online marketing skills. 


I followed the corporate plan my parents gave me and when I finally made it out into the ‘real world’ graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree…

I found that plan wasn’t for me and I wanted to figure out a way to do the type of work that would feed my soul. 

I dabbled in network marketing, affiliate marketing, personal branding and online marketing and settled on copywriting and creating info-products because I love to create videos, write, and teach. 

This site links to my corner of the interwebs where I share my thoughts, lessons, wins (and losses) in online entrepreneurship.

Every day I send out an email to my list with helpful tips about getting customers, copywriting, creating content, audience building, mindset and online business. 

Check it out here:


I like to mix in stories, inspiration, and entertainment with my emails so I’m not just another boring marketer clogging up your inbox.


I’m on a mission to help creatives learn simple online marketing moves, build their online income, and earn a full-time income online with their creative talents so they can replace their soul-draining corporate jobs.

Content and Socials

I have free content around building online businesses, copywriting, online marketing, and creating content on my social media channels.

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I also have paid skills courses and books to help you develop your Freestyle Lifestyle Skills:


Freestyle Copywriting Book:


What else do I enjoy outside of entrepreneurship?

I’m a creative and I like to do things that express that which include:

  • Taking dance classes – when I’m in Los Angeles
  • Salsa dancing – when I can find a fun and willing dance partner
  • Skimboarding and mopping all the local food when I’m back home in Hawaii
  • Snowboarding on the East Coast or Lake Tahoe on the West
  • Creating Freestyle Lifestyle videos when I’m traveling with my family
  • Watching people battle it out in breakdancing competitions (and participate if I’m feeling up to it)
  • Being a nerd and curling up with a good book or learning a new language
  • Meeting awesome people at LIVE events – when I can get to one
  • Freestyling my Lifestyle (hence the name of my personal brand – Freestyle Your Lifestyle)

If you want to connect with me personally, shoot me a quick message on IG or Facebook. 

Always love connecting with awesome people who go after what they want in life. 

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

P.S.  I often get asked…

“Destrie, why did you move away from paradise in Hawaii to the cold East Coast?”

Short story:

I wanted a different life experience and secretly wanted to go snowboarding just like Johnny Tsunami.  

Met a girl from the east coast, started a family, and so life goes…

Destrie snowboarding at Lake Tahoe.