The Copywriting Tome Story Never Told…

From the Copywriting Tome:

I’m writing this to you from the dungeons of the copywriting section of my office, called my bookshelf.

And in it are some fantastic masterpieces.

Some of the books included are in my library are: 

*Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz

*The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert

*Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

*How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

*Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdani

*The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy

*The Email Players Skhema Book – Ben Settle

*Copy Slacker – Ben Settle

*Copynomicon – Ben Settle

*Email Players List Swell – Ben Settle

*Email Client Horde – Ben Settle

*Copy Troll – Ben Settle

*Infotainment Jackpot – Ben Settle

And yes, I do admit, I’m a bit jaded because I’ve been learning from Ben Settle lately on how to write compelling email copy that’s designed to make moolah through your email list. 

But masterpieces, nonetheless.

And in this tome of copywriting, influence, and marketing manuscripts

Comes a very powerful lesson…

You see, if I were to boil down copywriting, influence, and marketing into one sentence…

That if you focused on… you’ll never go hungry, you’ll never struggle for moolah, and you’ll never be hurting for clients ever again…

It’s this:

People are searching for a feeling.

And if you provide that to them, they will be forever in your debt, be hooked onto your personal brand, and never want to leave the walled garden you call your business.

Don’t let the simplicity of this lesson fool you.

It’s a lot more powerful than you might think.

People are searching for a feeling of significance, love, companionship, growth, contribution, certainty, variety…

(And yes, this is straight out of Tony Robbins playbook on the 6 human needs.)

With the most important feeling being a sense of Significance.

If you can appeal to a person’s feeling of significance and tie the solution to your product or service.

You can make any amount of moolah you want, you can create any kind of lifestyle you want, you’ll unlock the keys to your Freestyle Lifestyle with ease.

Only if you understand the depth of what I just shared with you.

But if you want someone else to figure that out for you in your business, because you either:

  1. Don’t have the time to learn this or
  2. Don’t have the patience to learn this

Then just hire a copywriter who can implement it into your business, without having to give up your first born child to create a sales letter for you.

Which brings me to this:

If you want to learn how to write copy that sells.

Start with the free chapter of my Freestyle Copywriting book which you can grab for free, just for hopping on my email list here

Platform doesn’t matter. It’s the Copy that does…

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis