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[FF#05] 3 simple secrets to grow a following…

Welcome back to Freestyle Friday where I share one actionable tip, strategy, or tactic to help you build your online business and get one step closer to creating your Freestyle Lifestyle.

Let’s dive into it.

Building a following doesn’t have to be complicated.

With so much noise out there on the interwebs, it can be difficult to figure out what actually works.

The first thing we need to understand when we’re building a following is:

Do Something Worthy of Being Followed

That means doing something noteworthy.

Quit a corporate job for the first time…

Built a full-time income from home…

Got the attention of a 7-figure entrepreneur…

Publish a book…

One mistake is thinking that it needs to be something big and grand.

That’s not the case. 

Quick story: 

Back in college, I started picking up breakdancing because I just thought it’d be a fun skill to learn.

I wasn’t Battle worthy yet, but I put in the work to learn one Freeze.

The baby freeze.

Here’s what it looks like:

I wasn’t doing headspins, flares, windmills or all the flashy things that you see breakers do.

I put in the work and mastered that one freeze.

And because of that, I was able to teach it to a friend 

and was super proud when she got it!

Back to it:

If you want to build a following, work towards learning and practicing one skill.

Once you get results from it, then you can teach it.

A lot of marketers on the interwebs think that just the information alone will help them get results, but forget that knowledge without application is useless.

Just a bunch of wasted time and effort regurgitating what they learned in a course.

Bruce Lee once said that “Applied knowledge is power.”

Completely true when it comes to building a following too. 

Next up:

Post Content 

Not just any random content, content that your target audience would be interested in.

Here’s a quick way to do that:

Post content about the problems and insecurities that your target audience is facing.

If you share stories and can describe a problem someone is going through better than they can, 

They will think that you have the solution to their problem and reach out.

You’ll never bore your audience if you talk about the problems they’re going through.

For example:

My son had a speech delay and we didn’t identify it until he was around 3 years old.

When we discovered that…

I couldn’t get enough of researching it, learning more about it and finding people on facebook who had kids that faced the same problem.

I opted into lists and found people on social media that talked about it.

And got the help that he needed.

Moving on:

Engage your audience

Probably the most overlooked secret to growing an audience.

People miss the whole point of social media and that is to be SOCIAL.

If you’re posting content all day and aren’t getting any responses or comments, ask yourself this simple question:

Are you engaging back?

Posting all the time is the equivalent of having a chat with someone and they are only talking about themselves.

That gets boring.

So engage back with people, ask follow up questions, and be interested in what they have to say.

Read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Without a large following for yourself yet, engage with leaders audiences that have your target audience in it.

Be helpful with your comments and people will naturally want to check out your profile and content.

That wraps it up for this week of Freestyle Friday.

Go forth and take action to grow your following to create your Freestyle Lifestyle.

Remember, we are the creators of our lives…

The authors of our own story…

We only get ONE life and you’re holding the pen.  

Make it one to remember!

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis

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