Freestyle Friday

[FF#02] How to stand out like a sore thumb online

Welcome back to another issue of Freestyle Friday!

Where I’ll be sharing with you one resource, strategy or actionable tip to help you develop the skills you need to create your Freestyle Lifestyle.

Since we touched on the 5 simple moves of creating a Freestyle Lifestyle last week…

Let’s dive deeper into the first Move…

Personal Brand

According to Gary Vee:

“It’s important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have. 

Your reputation online and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you’ve gotta be a good person. 

You can’t hide anything and more importantly, you’ve gotta be out there at some level.” 

To stand out in the treacherous red sea of the interwebs…

Your unique personality is your very best weapon.

But first we need to identify what your core values are and how we can use them to stand out online.

I hired a Branding Coach who worked with large brands you would find in your closet, cupboards, and the coffee you drink.

But you don’t have to spend the moolah for coaching like I did to figure it out (unless you want to…)

A Personal Brand boils down into 3 Elements:

  1. Who you are
  2. How you stand out
  3. How you make people feel

Let’s break this down.

Who you are?

The best way to figure out who you are and what your motivations are is to take a Brand Archetype test.

Think of it as a personality test for your personal brand. 

Here’s a couple of resources you can check out for help with this:

Brand Archetype


How you stand out?

3 of my Core Values are: 




Working with my branding coach, she pulled it out for me and boiled my brand down to one word.

My ONE Word Brand is… FREESTYLE

It captures all of the elements of my personality that can be used to stand out on the internet.

There aren’t any Breakdancing Online Marketers that I know of out there. 

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what your core values are that you can use for your personal brand…

I’d recommend checking out Julia Baxter’s (my Branding Coach) 

Brand Foundation course here

It’s important to position yourself differently online.

And the best way to do that is to know what your values are so you can attract an audience that values the same things. 

How you make people feel?

When people see my personal brand online…

I want them to feel like my brand is something fun, passionate, bold, adventurous, expressive.

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to use simple online marketing moves and fully express their talents to create a Freestyle Lifestyle.

If you take a look at large brands, you’ll see that there is a thread of values that they share.

For example:

One of my favorite clothing brands is Express

When you google Express Company Values…

Here’s what pops up:

Who We Are

“We are a fashion-forward apparel brand and style community whose purpose is to create confidence and inspire self-expression. 

From wardrobe essentials to the latest trends, we outfit doers, makers, movers and shakers with clothing designed for real-life versatility. 

At Express, we believe that everyone should dream big and dress accordingly.”


So how do you want to show up with your Personal Brand online?

Just answer those 3 questions, be unique, and express yourself 

(no pun intended)

That about wraps it up for this week’s issue of Freestyle Friday.

Remember, we are the creators of our lives.

The authors of our own story…

We only get ONE life to Live and you’re holding the pen.  

Make it one to remember!

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis

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