3 Ways to Create Crack-like Addicting Content

Content can be as addictive as a hard substance. 

On the days of the interwebs…

content is how people get their daily dopamine dosage. 

Phones are usually checked first thing in the morning and right before bed. 

Which leads down through a windy road of a non-substance form of addiction in form of social media. 

But addictive, nonetheless.

If you want to harness this social media addiction. 

Here are 3 ways to make your content as addictive as your magical cocktail of choice:

1. Create Curiosity

Another way to put this is to create cliffhangers.  The movie and tv industry do this a lot.  

Remember the show Lost

Every show ended with a scene that made you insanely curious what was going to happen next.  

This was done on purpose so people would tune in for next weeks’ episode. 

And not only that:

Curiosity is one of the most powerful copywriting principles too. 

Think about the Emails that you decide to click on and read…

Most of the time it’s due to an overwhelming curiosity that can only be quenched once by finding out what happens next.

2. Soft Teach

By combining teaching in a way that draws curiosity…

As opposed to hard teaching where it’s all dry and boring content. 

In college, our senior project was to write a technical report about creating a controller for an old school flight simulator.

You wouldn’t be able to pay me enough to read through that dry, boring, content once again.

With soft teaching, you peak people’s curiosity in the content to the point where they would have to buy your product or service to satisfy that need to close the loop. 

3. Info-tain

People aren’t searching or scrolling on their phones for “information” these days.

Everyone on the internet has access to it and it’s very abundant.

So how do we stand out in this treacherous read sea of marketers?

It’s simple. 

People are looking to be Entertained.

So if you can combine curiosity provoking content with the ability to entertain your audience…

You’ve got the formula for “Infotainment”

And it’s an addictive way for people to consume your content.

Which brings me to this:

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Til next time…

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Destrie Monis